All factories are the same,  
People are different  
Seipo is the premiere contract manufacturer, ideal for all project needs  
Rapid time to market  
Uncompromised quality while being mindful of production cost  
Extensive expertise offered while providing full costumer control  
Instant project tracking and seamless communication 24/7  
Who we are  
Seipo corporation is a Texas based  
contract manufacturer with facilities in  
China and office and warehouse in  
Houston USA. Established in 2005. We will  
meet your needs in initial prototype builds,  
rapid scale up ramps for initial market  
launch, and full-scale manufacturing. Our  
focus is on innovative products and  
specialized in shortening the time between  
development time and manufacturing.  
From our humble beginning in 2005, we  
now have clients that range from small  
businesses to the world-renowned  
enterprises like Google and Microsoft. With  
a full staff of industrial design, R&D,  
manufacturing and quality engineers, we  
continuously improve quality, lead time  
and customers satisfactory. Seipo  
specializes in customized manufacturing for  
die cast alloys, injection molding plastics,  
and sheet metals.  
The products we’ve manufactured include  
consumer and commercial electronics,  
biometric devices, solar products, medical  
devices, to name just a few.  
Rapid Tooling  
New exploration  
New exploration  
We support Innovation: quick, reliable, economical  
5855 Cunningham road, Houston Texas 77041 Tel: 832-919-7700; 832-980-5815 Fax: 832-900-9638  
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